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Bilingual Teaching
Offers bilingual teaching for better understanding (English & Tamil)
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Offers digital home tutoring by team of expert teachers
Two trial classes
Two trial classes provided before payment of fees
Why are Maths and Science so vital ?

Our Maths & Science Combo Program

We believe that a strong foundation in maths and science is essential for building a successful career. Recognizing the importance of these subjects in various professional fields, we are thrilled to announce that we have extended our tutoring services to include science. We are excited to offer a comprehensive combo of Maths and Science tutoring for students in grades 6 to 12.

Young learners possess an innate curiosity and a multitude of questions about the world and its workings. Maths and science education provide the framework needed to seek answers to these inquiries. Mathematics allows us to model phenomena and understand relationships. Science, on the other hand, delves deep into the quality and interaction of the elements that surround us.

Understanding these relationships has practical applications in the arts, policy-making, and civic life. By equipping students with the ability to comprehend maths and science, we empower them to understand, analyze, and positively impact their communities.

Whether you aspire to pursue careers in teaching, aviation, engineering, chemistry, scientific research, software engineering, or medicine, a strong foundation in maths and science is crucial.

These subjects serve as gateways to a wide range of exciting professional paths. A solid grasp of maths and science not only ensures academic success but also opens doors to fulfilling your dreams.

After School Programs

UpSkill India Programs

MathKampus provide following after school programs as short term courses which helps the students to improve critical thinking, problem solving, builds attention and swiftness, speed up memory, fun and less gadget timings.

Rs. 3000/- onwards
Enrich English for kids above 8+ years
Rs. 3500/- onwards
Vedic Maths for kids above 10+ years
Rs. Rs. 699/- onwards
Rubik’s Cube Solving for kids above 8+ years
Rs. Rs. 699/- onwards
Online Science Workshops

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What We Offer?

  • Offers online home tutoring for Maths and Science by the team of expert teachers
  • Admissions open for classes from 6th to 12th Std
  • Board of Education : State Board / CBSE / ICSE
  • Offers bilingual teaching for better understanding (English & Tamil)
  • Syllabus covers based on State / NCERT board
  • Two trial classes provided before payment of fees
  • Maths & Science - 5 Classes per week (20 per month). Limited no of students in a batch
  • *Quarterly fees payment (* refund of full fees if not satisfied in first month)
  • Provide the Class Recordings & Class notes in PDF
  • Interactive teacher led sessions and possible for student to clarify doubts directly
  • Chapter wise assessment & Periodical assessment will be done
  • Exclusive sessions for higher order concepts teaching
  • Periodical Parent Teacher Meeting sessions will be arranged

Watch Our Demo Class Now

We are providing two trial classes before payment of fees.You can watch demo class here !!!

Why Choose Us!

MathKampus - Unbox Ur Math Skill

Personalized tutoring sessions tailored to your specific needs
Foster a love for Maths and Science – Gain Confidence
Unlock students full potential and excel academically
Ward can study at their comfort
No Need for parents pick up & drop
Cost and Time effective
Well Experienced teachers
Customized sessions for depth and conceptual learning
Wide exposure by connecting with students from different areas / schools
Best Student & tutor ratio makes the students feel like learning direct session
Meet The Team

We Have Great Experience Of Teaching

Ms Ranjani
Panel Tutor / Founder
Ms Bhuvana
Business Head
Vineeta Soni
MSc BEd Mathematics
Bency Sajo
Maths Trainer
Ms Sangeeth
Panel Tutor
Kothai Balaji
Panel Tutor
Panel Tutor

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